Intake: The mediation process begins with an intake conference with the attorneys representing the parties. The intake is designed to discuss the mediation process, to learn about each parties concerns and perspective, and to ascertain the date(s) and location of the mediation. The attorneys may submit summaries of the issues in dispute prior to the intake conference. Counsel shall also agree in writing to the fees to be charged pursuant to the "Fee Schedule and Practice" section.

Initial Mediation: During the initial mediation session, the parties summarize their position and interests through counsel. The parties though counsel may at that time begin the process of negotiating a resolution to the dispute. Negotiation will continue until a resolution is reached or until the parties through counsel and the mediator agree that private sessions might be beneficial.

Private Sessions: A private session is used to allow each party through counsel to discuss the dispute and negotiations with the mediator without the other party or parties being present. In these sessions the Mediator will help the party and his/her attorney to consider the full range of options that may be available for resolving the dispute.

Additional Sessions: Additional sessions of all parties through counsel and private meetings may occur as the mediation process unfolds.

Conclusion of the Process: The mediation process will conclude either with a successful resolution of the disputes presented or with a determination that no resolution is possible. If the process has concluded successfully with an agreement of the parties, the mediator will be available to prepare a “Settlement Agreement” upon the request of the parties though counsel.