Initial Conference: An initial conference will be conducted with counsel at which time it will be established whether the arbitration to be conducted is binding or non-binding. Determinations will also be made as to the formality of the proceeding, including but not limited to sworn vs. unsworn testimony, the applicability of the rules of evidence, whether a record of the proceeding shall be established, the location and format of the proceeding, and the date(s) of the proceeding. These agreements shall be reduced to writing before the arbitration shall commence. Counsel shall also agree in writing to the fees to be charged pursuant to the “Fee Schedule and Practice” section. Counsel may wish to submit in advance of the arbitration a written statement of the issues that are presented.

Arbitration: The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with those agreements reached by and between the parties through counsel at the initial meeting.

Decision: A written decision shall be prepared and disseminated to the parties through counsel within three weeks of the completion of the arbitration proceeding including the receipt of briefs to be submitted by counsel subsequent to the evidentiary hearing.